Take the world, but give me Jesus

There’s a phrase I read a while back, and it wasn’t till much later on that I found out it was a hymn (I really need to do a better job when it comes to knowing  hymns!) but as soon as I saw it, I knew it would become a topic for this blog, and that quote is “Take the world, but give me Jesus”
This is a powerful statement, and challenge to us as people of Christ. We are taught our whole lives that it’s what we own that defines us, that decides our worth, it’s how much money we make that shows everyone how important we are, it’s how many people know our name that decides how “blessed” we are. And one of our callings as people of God is to turn down the temptation of this culture of artificial self-worth, and phony accomplishment.

Something I didn’t notice until one of my good friends pointed it out to me was my need for approval from others in order to feel self-worth, and that really challenged me, it’s not to say we shouldn’t be praised when we’ve done a good job, because it can be really encouraging when you put your all into something and someone actually notices that. But as I’ve learnt, that shouldn’t be the be all and end all of how much we feel like we’re worth. We are worthwhile through the one that saved us, we are worth more than we could ever dream because of our God, that will use us for his good, our good, and the good of the world.

We don’t need money to make us wanted, nor worldly processions to make us important,  because in the end those things will fade away in time, but the love of Jesus endures for ever. Jesus gave his life for the world, so that we may be free of the grip of sin, so that we may have a loving relationship with the father. The allure of the world can be tempting, the promise of money and fame can seem attractive, the fame and adulation for having a specific talent can be an addiction in its self. But the question is, if you were given the choice between earthly riches and heavenly inheritance, would you be able to turn down the world?

It’s a question I struggle with. As someone who’s from a family with not a lot of money, and as someone that, on one than one occasion has been moved to a homeless hostel, the thought of money is a tempting thought indeed. But after reflection, I know that, the debt Jesus paid for us, is far greater than any amount of money could ever pay. if you put the choices side by side, I’d choose Jesus every time without fail. Because money will come and go, but the love of God endures forever. You can take this world and all of its treasures, and it’ll never compare to the splendor found in the love of the father of heaven and earth. Take this world, and give me Jesus every time.

As people of God, are we always willing to let go of the temptations of this world, if it means that we get to be closer to Jesus? and if not, how can we be more willing to follow the example that Jesus laid for us by doing the will of the father at the cost of the riches that the world temps us with. I’m proposing that we as the church need to be more willing to die to self, and be willing to give to those that need our help, while holding   these words in our hearts “Take the world but give me Jesus.”

What’s your take in the phrase “Take the world but give me Jesus” Let me know in the comments, or tweet me here Life after darkness Twitter or here in our Facebook group Life after darkness Facebook group but as always

Thank you for reading and May God Bless You.

(The hymn this quote was taken from)  Take the world, but give me Jesus- Ascend the Hill


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