A Breakdown of “Zeal” by Kings kaleidoscope (part 2)

Last time we covered up to possibly my favourite song of the album, “Aimless knight” and we still have 6 more tracks to go through, so let’s begin. In case you missed the first part, you can find a link to it here: A breakdown of “Zeal” by Kings Kaleidoscope (part 1)


“Same blood”


This is the point in the album where we start to really move away from the themes of being burnt out and begin to return to the idea of child-like faith. We start here, with the theme of coming together as one in the body of Christ, and the idea of supporting each other on our journies of faith. We can spend so much time arguing with each other, spreading gossip and so on, that we forget we’re supposed to be united. We’re called to be the body of Christ, the salt of the earth, and whether it’s because we’ve been hurt by a fellow believer or a church, or because we feel like we’re better off on our own for one reason or another, we need to realise we need each other. Does this mean we have to agree on everything? Not at all, does this mean we have to be best friends with everyone that we don’t get along with? As nice as that would be, we’re still flawed people. What it does mean is, we need to be a source of love and light to a world that needs it more and more every day. I think this theme is perfectly summed up in the chorus:

“We can’t run together
If we’re lost from the start
Wait on me, brother
Run at my pace
If we’re not together
We’ll be lost in the dark
Walking on water
Falling in faith”

At the end of it all, we’re still family, and the sooner we can unite, the more of a light we can be to this dark world, and each other in our times of crisis.

Stand out lyrics: “I still need you, father
Trusting in this great unknown
I still need you, mother
Comfort me until we’re home
I still need you, sister
Tell the truth and dare to dream
And I still need you, brother
Strengthen me and help me see”


“Breathing infinity (the rush part 1)”


All three parts of “the rush”, when put together, are a microcosm of everything I love about this album. Powerful lyrics, while still getting across the message within the very sound. Breathing infinity is a song about finding reasons not to step out when our very purpose is to be people of faith. This means being uncomfortable, this means stepping out when we feel called to, and it means putting our trust in God when life gets hard. We need to be a people of child-like faith, and come to God again, without the cynicism that can wear us down, we need to look to Him in wonder, not in apathy. “All the fuss is just Faith without the rush” so let us come back to faith, and find that rush again.

Stand out lyrics:

“Go, Jump into the wonder
And dance on the thunder
We’re crying in color
Breathing infinity
Flying free”

“Jumping from jaded hights (the rush part 2)”


This is the point in the rush where we truly look at the apathy that we have, at how jaded we’ve become, and make the decision to turn back to Christ. It’s the time to ask God to return us to a place where we truly want to live for his will. and where “zeal” stops being a misdirected passion and finally becomes a tangible fire for Christ. We know where we’re going. And if that isn’t reason enough to rejoice for the goodness of God, then I don’t know what is.

Stand out lyrics:
“Waking up to face the haze of apathy
Show me every grace I lost the fight to see
I’m coming around
Remedy the piece of faith that broke in me
Take away the weight and flip the gravity”

On to the light (the rush part 3)


A triumphant call to join our brothers and sisters in Christ, and stand united as we joyfully declare the goodness of our God. “Don’t look back now, don’t you look down” because our past is our past, and all that matters is we keep looking forward, onto the light, forgiven and free by the love of Jesus. “Come and see the star ahead, come and see the broken fed” because our God is a God of good deeds and good things, and no matter how broken we are, or how loosely we’re left holding on to our faith, he will keep shining, and he will still be God. “Citizens and Saints of God
Holy, righteous, Ratchet squad” Having looked up the meaning of “rachet squad” (I’ll admit, at the old age of 22, I haven’t really kept up with slang) I think there’s a really clever message in this. Rachet squad is slang for a group of people that tend to drink too much when they get together. So using this term alongside the words holy and righteous stands out as a statement that, though we are still sinners, we also should be a people that have that attitude of being all in for doing the works of the kingdom. Overall, the rush is a pleasure to listen to, and one of the many highlights of the album!

Stand out lyrics:

Come, we’re castin’ away!
Into the night!
Sinners with sight!
On to the light
Soaring! (Soaring!)
Sailing! (Sailing!)
On to the dawn forever free!
Where the heavens bend and bleed
Where the saints and angels sing
“On to the throne of the King of all kings!”




Oxygen hasn’t really got too much to analyse in terms of lyrics, but the theme of this one is clear. It’s about finally picking up where we may have left off in our faith, no longer numb to the apathy that we may have developed over our journey with Christ. “I forgot the joy of suffering”1 Peter 4:13 says: “But rejoice insofar as you share Christ’s sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed.” and as hard of a pill as this is to swallow in the moment, it is a joy to suffer knowing we have Christ alongside us. This is fully realised in the outro, using “Jesus loves me” fittingly a well-known children’s song, once again coming back to this idea of child-like faith that’s a running theme throughout. Also another side note, apparently the “Jesus loves me” part is from an old vinyl that features Chad Gardner’s (the lead singer of Kings Kalidoscope) mum when she was 8 years old. I just think that’s fantastic and worth sharing!

Stand out lyrics:

“I’d lose it all to find you now
Life is loud, all around
Sight and sound
Lost and found
Cross and crown”

A little bit of faith:


This is the third song that Kings Kalidoscope has released that has been written from the perspective of Jesus. The first being the second half of “a prayer” from “Beyond control” and the second being “rain” from  “the beauty between” and it’s amazing how well it works. It’s also the perfect parallel to “hero over my head” where that song was about being lost and feeling unworthy, this one is about how Jesus never leaves us in the storms of life, and how everything is going to be okay in the end, if we can keep that little bit of faith, if we can find a way to praise him when we feel empty, and accept the grace that he has freely given to us through his blood.  Also, the fact that the line “running under rainbows, so alive” is re-used from “Lost?” is a perfect way to finish off the album, as we are challenged to find that child-like faith and wonder at our wonderful God.

And that’s my take on every song on “Zeal” it’s really an incredible experience, no matter where you’re at with your faith, whether you be a doer or a doubter, full of zeal for the Lord or empty from the trials of life, walking alongside Jesus, or further than you thought possible, I think there’s something that speaks to everyone on this amazing album, so please give it a listen if you haven’t, and I hope this breakdown has done it justice. You can listen to “Zeal” by following this link

If you want me to do another breakdown of an album like this one, please give me some suggestions, I really enjoyed writing this one, and this may be the longest couple of posts I’ve ever written. Thank you for taking the time to read this, it means a lot to me.  If you want to contact me for any reason, be it a suggestion or just a chat, feel free to message me on our facebook community (Life after darkness Facebook group) it’d be great to hear from you!

But as always
Thank you for reading and May God Bless you.

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