Everyday worship:Can you feel my heart?by Bring Me the Horizon.

Wow, it’s been a long time since i’ve done one of these, and for that i’m sorry. Other projects have gotten in the way of this series to the point where i’ve only actually done one of these, which is a shame, because if nothing else, these are great fun to create! But anyway, welcome to Everyday Worship, the series where i take a secular song, from pretty much any genre and try to find a message that speaks to us as people of faith, or glories the living God. And the first song we’re going to tackle is one that i love a lot, “Can you feel my heart?” by Bring me the horizon.

There’s a number of reasons i chose this song to bring back “everyday worship.” Not only is it one of my favourite songs, but considering the genre, it actually has a lot of lyrical content instead of being 4 minutes of vapid teenage angst, not to say that’s necessarily a bad thing, otherwise i wouldn’t be able to enjoy these sorts of songs, but it’s still nice to have a song such as this, that do have a little bit more to them, so without further ado, lets take a look at “can you feel my heart?”

The song

Bring Me The Horizon – Can You Feel My Heart

The first lyrics of the song are as follows:


Can you hear the silence?
Can you see the dark?
Can you fix the broken?
Can you feel, can you feel my heart?

And if you didn’t know this song before this point, maybe you can see why i picked it, it’s rare to find lyrics so close to being about the struggle of faith, without actually touching on that issue at all, and as soon as i heard this, i knew this was the time of song this series was made for.

I could honestly read this and if i didn’t know where it came from, think this was a man struggling with his faith, and actually opening up not only to the listener, but to God.

Moving on to the verse:

Can you help the hopeless?
Well, I’m begging on my knees
Can you save my bastard soul?
Will you ache for me?

I’m sorry brother
So sorry lover
Forgive me father
I love you mother

The first song that comes to mind after reading this is one i’ve mentioned a few times on this blog, and that song is ” A prayer” by kings kaleidoscope, the difference between the two is in “a prayer” there’s a resolution of Jesus actually speaking to the artist, and telling him of the love he has for him.  Where, in this case, that answer isn’t given, he isn’t given that comfort that we are offered through the love of Christ, and honestly, it’s heartbreaking for someone to be so close to getting that answer yet, not joining the dots.

We move on to the last part we’ll cover today in the bridge:

I’m scared to get close
And I hate being alone
I long for that feeling
To not feel at all
The higher I get
The lower I’ll sink
I can’t drown my demons
They know how to swim

Once again, these feelings can be all too real for us as people of faith. The loneliness when we feel like God isn’t with us, the in-ability to conquer our sin, to the point we feel like it weighs us down, no matter high we may feel, and how being numb sometimes feels preferable to feeling broken. But once again, where we know about our salvation in the love of God and Blood of Christ, there are many people who don’t know about the loving father, or outright rejection of him, yet they still wonder why these feelings won’t leave.



“Can you feel my heart?” is a song that i think is brilliant, from the lyrics to the sound, it’s unique in that, it’s honest without becoming angst ridden, and a lot can be taken from it, for Christians and non Christians alike.

Take aways?

This song is a reminder to us as people of Christ, that no matter how low we may feel, how alone we may seem, and how dark things may get, That we are saved and redeemed by him who loved us first, and that, as people of the Living God, we can stand in the hope that, yes even when we seem hopeless, we have a hope, in the dark we have a light, in our brokenness we are made whole and he holds our heart.

It’s been a while since i attempted one of these, and i hope to get these out on a bi weekly basis, If you’ve got any suggestions for future songs, contact me on Twitter Here or join our facebook group Here Or leave a comment! And as always…

Thank you for reading, and may God bless you.



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