Be the change you want to see.

So in the last post, I went through King Kalidoscope’s latest album “Zeal” (check it out if you haven’t yet, the link will be at the end) and it got me thinking, what comes next? After we lose the cynicism, when we come back to that place of child-like faith, where do we go next? After getting back to that place of passion and, well, zeal, how do we keep pushing on in our everyday lives, in a way that shows the glory of the Lord?

It can be easy to be caught up in passion for doing the Lord’s will and trying to fire up the people around us, fire isn’t the issue. Passion isn’t the problem. The real question is, where does this fire come from? And is it rooted in doing our part? Something that I’ve noticed a lot lately, is the influx of people, who really want to fire up the body and to be honest, it’s something I’m all about. As important as I think corporate worship is, we need to be a light in the world as well as on a Sunday. My concern isn’t the people wanting to shake things up as much as it is, we all need to be challenged, the issue is when we talk about being driven without going anywhere.

You see, the thing is, passion without it being rooted in the word of God is just emotion. Before we bring the word to the streets, we need to know it.  But we also need to be willing to be the trendsetters. It’s easy to stand back, and let everyone else start the outreach, or help the needy. But surely, if this passion, this fire is God-driven, we should be willing to take the first steps and be the examples of action.

An expression that I think really sums up how we need to approach this idea of change in our churches and in our faith is “be the change you want to see” If there’s an attitude of negativity in your church, you need to set the example. If you see something that isn’t right, someone being left out, be the one to start the conversation. As someone that’s socially anxious, the thought of talking to new people terrifies me. But if my friends hadn’t made the effort with me I don’t know where I’d be. And no, the irony of me writing about this isn’t lost on me. But I’m saying this as a call to me as well as to you.

A while back I wrote about how the word “Revival” was, in my opinion, used in a way that implies we don’t need to take an active part in that. And I say the same about passion, about drive, about change. If you see something in your church that needs changing, then start with you. You’d be surprised how much of an impact you can have with that.

A couple of years ago, me and some of my friends from our worship band, decided to head out to the streets of our town on a Friday night, and stand on the street corner, outside a local church, across from a pub, and just play some worship songs, and pray for people, if they wanted us to that is. It really affected the atmosphere so positively heading into the night. I recently found out, that this was still happening with a different group of people. And I couldn’t be happier about that.

The reason I mention this isn’t to big myself up for being a part of this, it’s meant as an example of seeing something wrong, or something that needs changing in your community, and actually, be willing to step up and fill that space, and be that change.

Lord, we thank you for passion and zeal for your will. Help us direct that passion and make it more than just words, or just ideas. Help us be the change we want to see in our communities, whether that be attitudes or actions. Give us boldness and help us bring your will to earth.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and with the zeal breakdown being finally posted, I knew I needed to keep writing, and it got me thinking about why I do this blog. I guess this is my way of being the change I want to see, so thank you for taking time out of your day to read these, whether this is the first post you’ve read of mine or the hundredth. You can find a link to my breakdown of “Zeal” Here (A breakdown of “Zeal” by Kings Kaleidoscope (part 1) and as always.

Thank you for reading and May God Bless you.


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