Build your life part 1 : Give yourself some grace.

After i finished last weeks post (if you haven’t read it yet you can find it here: Break the circle, claim your confidence.) i felt God tell me to make this more of a constant theme on this blog, well, at least for now. In this series, i’m going to be documenting my journey of self-worth, and sharing some of the lessons that i’ve learnt.

One of the things that i’ve had to learn to cope with is, that i’m not perfect. And that no one thinks that i am. Sounds obvious right? You just need to look at the frequency of the blog this year to see that i’m not! However it’s not as simple as “i’m not perfect, so i’m bound to make mistakes” or at least, it isn’t for me.

I hold myself to an unrealistic standard, one that i don’t hold others to. I expect to get everything right in one try, no matter how out of my depth i may be, or how hard the task at hand is. I expect perfection from myself in social situations, despite the fact i’m not the most social person out there. i guess the point i’m trying to make is, failure is one of my biggest fears. 

The idea of failing scares me more than anything else in this life, so when i do, if that means i don’t reach my goal, or if i snap at someone, it destroys me in a way i can’t explain, because i’ve convinced myself that i’m better than that. and it’s here where the title of this post comes into play.

One of the most important things to do, when it comes to breaking the grip of perfectionism on your life, is being able to give yourself some grace. It’s being able to go “Okay, i’ve messed up here but i’m human, this will happen from time to time” without using this as an excuse to purposely and knowingly sin.

There’s a difference between making a mistake, and actively making excuses for bad behaviour. We are called to be better than that.  But with that clarification made, what does it truly mean to give yourself some grace?

It means you must remember you’re never going to be the best at everything, and that you’re not infallible. It means you’re just a broken person made good-by the God of all things, and that sometimes you will fall short, but that doesn’t mean you’re worthless.  It just means you’re human.

I’m calling this series “build your life” because that is what we’re called to do in order to get past these trials of identity. We need to be a people who build our lives on the identity and hope that is found in Christ, the truth that he is the one that died so that we may be free in the fullness of life, and once again, that we may be able to walk alongside the father. We don’t need to be perfect. Because he already is.

So rather than cut yourself down because of your “failures” hold on to the hope that is found in Christ, remember that he was willing to die for you, and that you don’t need to be perfect. So in short. Give yourself some grace.

Thank you for reading, and May God Bless you.

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