What God taught me about maturity

“If you are able to work on yourself and improve to a point where you are able to get what you once wanted, and be able to turn that down because it isn’t right for you, that’s true maturity”

2018 has already been a year full of changes and improvement, or at least an attempt at the latter, if i look back on last year and where i am in my thinking and my faith, it’s like night and day, and i may have a long way to go but i can’t wait for the journey ahead. And part of this journey so far is actually making an effort to work on my weight by attending the gym.

I didn’t realise how much i’d enjoy the gym until i started attending regularly, and some days it’s harder to get out of bed and go than others, but it’s important for me to go none the less. The reason i mention this is because while i’m doing my cardio workout, it gives me time to pray while i’m waiting for that clock to wind down until the relieving text of “workout complete” appear on the screen. While i’m running, i feel more able than i normally would to approach the Father without my mind wondering as it is prone to do. And it was something the Lord gave to me during one of these conversations the Lord gave me some words that i wish i could say were my own, and it’s these words that have given me a new lease on my journey in faith and a new understanding of where i am. And i feel like i should share these words with all of you reading.

There’s been a few situations that i’ve let take over my life when really they shouldn’t have. I have a habit of going all in when it comes to things that really i shouldn’t which ends up breaking me when it doesn’t work, and most of all i have an issue with fixating on things that i can’t change which ends up stunting my goals as i may be further ahead than i was, yet i try to get hold of something that makes me take steps back in my faith because at the time, it was right, at the time, it was what i wanted.

This to me is my immaturity showing in these areas of my life, And i was fairly blind to it, well, that was until i started my cardio workout. While i was running, i began to speak to the Lord. I was talking to him about these situations in my life, and asking for some advice on how to handle it, and that’s when i felt him say this:

“If you are able to work on yourself and improve to a point where you are able to get what you once wanted, and be able to turn that down because it isn’t right for you, that’s true maturity”

It’s a powerful realisation. Once you are able to turn away from the things in your life that you once valued so highly, now that you’re able to attain them, because they’re not right for you anymore, then you are truly ready for the greater things that the Lord has in store for you.

These words have made me realise we need to be a people of patience, willing to keep pushing through the wants and desires of this world, and be willing to accept that “no” is a valid answer to prayer, because the Father always has something better in store, we also need to be willing to turn down the wants of the past if we know they’re not right for us, because holding on to the past will do nothing but drag us back. We need to be people of discernment, and be willing to judge when it is time to let go of something that may be dragging us away from his Love. And we need to be people of understanding, and accept that the Lord knows better than we, so when things don’t turn out the way we hope, we need to have that faith and that trust in Him, that all things will work out for the best.

As for me, i know that God is telling me to let go of these things weighing me down, and to walk on wards towards him and his will for my life, what ever that looks like. But for now, all i can do is keep pushing and keep praying.

I’m on twitter which you can find a link to here and we also have a Facebook group which you can find here i’m really sorry with the inconsistency of these lately, it’s been a stressful couple of weeks, here’s praying i can get back into the routine sometime soon! But as always…
Thank you for reading and May God Bless you.

One thought on “What God taught me about maturity

  1. So wonderful you have been able to get out to the gym. And even more important to use that time in prayer and communion with God. So in a sense, this is a workout both physically and spiritually! Well done! 🙂


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