Christ in Christmas

Wow, i hadn’t realised how long it’d been since my last post, i’m sorry for my lack of commitment to the schedule. Advent is always a busy time for me, and sometimes i get carried away in the festivities, not leaving much time for anything else. But i thought i should get at least one more post out before the new year. And it’s a subject that we must hold dear in this season.

I love Christmas time. I love the lights, the extra church services, the encouragement to spend time with those we hold dear. All of these things are a huge part of Christmas for me. Yet, the more i think about it, the more i realise there’s something missing from this list. Sure, i mentioned church services, but i do forget to mention the reason there’s so many over this time of year. And i’ve noticed a lot of us do.

Christmas is one of the most watered down holidays that we celebrate as a culture in my opinion. Each year, we lift up the idea of gift giving and being kind to each other (something we should be all year round rather than just once a year) and each year we get closer to pushing out the Christ in Christmas.

I understand that things are different now, but i don’t accept that as a reason to forget about the Saviour. That’s not to say we should get rid of the other good things that come out of Christmas, like i said, i love the extra parts of Christmas, but we as a people need to try to keep Christ at the centre of our lives, even when the world wants to corrupt this celebration of the Lord’s birth.

We need to stand firm in our faith and belief that this time of year isn’t about gift giving, or trying to impress our friends and loved ones with how much we can afford to spend on them, or brag about the blessings we have in our lives, and keep pushing on and smashing the narrative that is pushed, that Christmas isn’t about Christ anymore, because no matter how often that may be said, we need to be people who show this world, that Christ is still as relevant and important at this time of year as he was when he died for as and as he will be when he comes again. We cannot afford to bow to the whims of this world on this, because as soon as we do, we let them win. Our God has never given up on us, He gave His own son that we may be in relationship with him again, that’s the love He has for us. So why should we give up on him because of those that don’t know nor want to know Him would deny Him? Is that our faith now? Is that what the body has become?

This is one of the most important celebrations in our faith, because this is when we remember how our Saviour came to be one of us, so that he may mediate for us for our transgressions against the father. Without the birth, we wouldn’t have the sacrifice. Which in turn, means we couldn’t be in relationship with the Father once more. Why would we take the knee and be willing to let the meaning of this wonderful event fade into obscurity for the sake of “political correctness” just because it’s what the world wants? If we take the Christ out of Christmas, and let everything else consume the true meaning, then what is the point?

My prayer is this Christmas, we would be a people who are able to put all the other stuff to one side, and keep Jesus as the focus of this time. And keep steadfast in our belief that this time of year shouldn’t be about the material gifts, but the one from the Father, the gift that secured our freedom and our eternal life. So this year, let us keep the Christ in Christmas.

It’s been a while since i put any content out, but this will be the last post of this year. Be assured that there’s going to be a lot fo new content coming up next year, and let’s just say, it won’t just be blogs, so stay tuned for that. But as always…

Thank you for reading and May God Bless you.

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