Word for word: chapter 10 “the crux of the matter” and conclusion (Crazy love)

This week will be the last week on this book, and to say it’s been a journey would be an understatement. i’ve been challenged and i’ve disagreed with Mr Chan, but if his goal was to get me thinking about my relationship with God, then it’s done it’s job. Now i haven’t covered chapter 9 because it’s a chapter about other people’s stories, and honestly i don’t think it’s right for me to critique others testimonies, and because of that i won’t be covering the chapter, still, it’s worth reading if you’re interested!

This chapter isn’t the deepest in the book, but honestly i’m not sure it’s supposed to be. To me at least, this chapter is meant to be a retrospective of all the topics we’ve talked about thus far in this book. And Francis makes a great point that does really sum up the point of this book.

“We respond with words like Amen, convicting sermon, Great book… And then we are paralysed as we try to decipher what God wants of our lives.

We seem to be a people who love to listen but can’t stand speaking up when the good Lord calls us to do so. I won’t say we’re a people of all talk and no action, because that is simply not true. We’re more a people of less talk no action. I’m not saying this is everyone, but i know this is something that affects a lot of us, myself included. And our calling is to be a people of all talk, all action, and all love.

The next point i’m going to focus on can be found at the top of page 168. And i honestly think i’d have less problems with this book if this was made apparent all the way through. this is the quote in question:

“That is why i cannot say in this book “Everyone is supposed to be a missionary” or “You need to sell your car and start taking public transportation.” What i can say is you must learn to listen to and obey God, especially in a society where it’s easy and expected to do what is most comfortable.”

If this was made clear all the way through i think a lot more people would love this book, however, i still appreciate the sentiment  behind it. And as much as i may disagree with some of the ideas presented in this book, one thing i’ll never say is it hasn’t got me thinking about my relationship with the lord, and how much i give to him, not just in terms of my finances, but in terms of my time, life and heart. And if nothing else it has made me put more into my relationship with the father.

The last point i’m going to focus on before the conclusion is found on page 174:

“What will people say about your life in heaven? Will people speak of God’s work and glory through you? And even more important, how will you answer the King when he says, what did you do with what i gave you?”

And i think this is the perfect way to finish this book, because it’s not talking about the blessings in Francis Chan’s life, or about how great he is or anything like that, it ends bringing everything back around to living for God and making him the focal point of our lives, and honestly, that’s what we should be about anyway, and sometimes it takes a book such as this in order to remind us that!


“Crazy love” is a strange book, but i’m glad it was the first in this series, it was at times irritating, challenging, and sometimes hard, but it was always compelling. Not only has it made me think about my life with the lord, but how i live my life in the day-to-day, and how i write this blog, and for that reason alone i do recommend it highly. I’m yet to find a book like this one and i don’t think that’s a bad thing. If you’re new to your faith, i’d say give this one a miss, but to those that have known God for a while and feel like they would like to make the next step and question your life with him, and would like to dig deeper and know Jesus better, then by all means pick this up.

I’ll be away next week, at new wine united, so there won’t be a word for word next week, however our next book will be “the reason for God” by Timothy Keller, and after reading the introduction, i already know this one is going to be great, so consider this your 1 week  warning if you’d like to read along with me. But until then, as always…
Keep reading, and may God Bless you.



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