Enchanted: how Kings kaleidoscope tapped into the modern Christian issue.

It’s been a while since i wrote something on one of my favourite bands. A band that i can honestly say, has changed my perspective on what Christian music can be. And if you didn’t guess by the title, that band is Kings kaleidoscope.

I’ve written a few pieces on their music, in fact, the most viewed post on this blog was my opinion on their controversial song, “A prayer” a song that was well-known for their use of explicit language, and a song that i still see as a turning point for worship. Because it’s one of the most honest songs of actually struggling through anxiety, and in the man’s own words “That song is about the fear of running from God or that God will turn his back on me and I will end up apart from him in hell”  If mentioning that fear and ending it with Jesus answering this most visceral of prayers isn’t a turning point in worship i don’t know what is! However it’s not this song we’re going to be talking about today, instead we’ll be talking about another important song from this amazing album, and why even a year on, it’s still just as important as “a prayer” for a completely different reason.

“Beyond control” is one of my favourite albums, i may personally like “becoming who we are” a little more, but i also consider that one of the best overall albums i’ve ever listened to so i’d be amazed if it managed to surpass it somehow! But it’s still an album i listen to alot while writing for this blog. But there’s one song on this amazing album that only gets more relevant as time goes on. And that song is “enchanted” Why do i believe this? Well let’s go through the song and find out!

Let’s start with the first verse:

“I’m trying to stay safe
In a digital escape
In an isolated world keep it tame
Cold and calculated truths
A reality I choose
In a regulated world feel no pain”

Now if you’ve never heard this song before now, maybe this will already give you an idea of why i think this song is so important. How relevant are this lyrics in our modern-day lives?  We are in an age where we might as well have smart phones glued to our hands considering we can never seem to put them now, and even with its amazing advantages, such as being able to share the gospel from the comfort of our own homes, we are also able to become consumed by this amazing invention, and lose parts of our selves and our faith within the online sphere.

Now onto the prehook/hook

“Shadow in a matrix, searching for a light
Captive of the jungle, hiding in the night”

There’s not much i can say about this but, it flows rather nicely into the hook, and goes with the theme that has been set there.

Break me free to live enchanted
Beyond control

I love this chorus, “break me free to live enchanted, beyond control” now that is a powerful prayer in this age of technology, free us from the power that it has over us, and away from its control, so that we may fully be people of God’s will.

Second verse we get this:

“I’m connected in a daze
Roam unconscious disengaged
In a simulated world I sustain
Swimming senseless through a void
Ease my appetite with noise
In a stimulated world go insane”

This is such powerful imagery. It really highlights the disconnect we have when we are focused entirely around and shaped only by the tech in our lives, it’s puts this picture of tranquillity lane from the game “fallout 3” and if you’re not aware what that it’s effectively a number of people locked in virtual reality chambers unable to escape by their own free will.

The last part of this song i’m going to pick apart is the bridge, which in terms of lyrical content, really does tie the theme of being captured in the digital world.

“Hide me
Hide me
Hide me in your mystery”

Such simple words, but that doesn’t make them any less important. When we are enchanted by the ways of the world, sometimes all we can do is ask that God would take us back and hold us close when everything else seems too much.

We as the people of God really need to try to keep this in mind, that while we’re trapped in the digital realm, and allow it to consume us, we may be losing the important parts of sharing our faith and actually being in community with each other as well as our relationship with the Lord most high. Obviously i’m not saying the internet is inherently bad, if i thought that i wouldn’t run an online blog! But like most things, moderation is key.

So my verdict? “enchanted” is one of the most relevant Christian songs in the past decade. There are very few songs that can capture one of the biggest struggles of this generation without seeming like pandering, and most of the others can be found on this album!

So tell me your thoughts on this song or this album, do you think as highly of them as i do? Or are you not a fan? Let me know in the comments, or on our facebook page Here or on my twitter Here It’ll be great to hear from you! Also let me know if you’d like to see more pieces like this.

You can find a youtube link to the song in question  Here But as always…

Thank you for reading, and May God Bless you.


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