Word for word: chapter 8 Profile of the obsessed (Crazy love)

With 2 chapters to go, we’re coming near the end of this interesting book, however, i won’t be covering the Q&A featured at the end of the book, simply because i don’t think word for word is that sort of series, however i will read it and if i find anything extremely interesting i will be doing a separate post on that, before we get started i just wanted to thank everyone that takes the time to read this every week, it’s as much a study for me as it is a chance to share my thoughts on the books i read, our next book has arrived and i will be announcing what that book is next week, (if you want to know earlier however follow me on instagram Here) But without further ado, here’s my three main points from chapter 8 of crazy love!

Obsessed: To have the mind excessively preoccupied with a single emotion or topic.

This is the definition given in this chapter,  and one of the underlying themes of this chapter is how an obsession with the Lord doesn’t have the same negative connotations that say an obsession with a hobby might have, i just wish this was dug unto a little deeper in this chapter as i think it’s a rather interesting topic, but i digress.

The first point that Francis makes that i’m going to focus on is found right at the start of the chapter, and it’s on a topic i’ve spoken about a number of times on this blog, and that’s the difference between kindness and niceness. Being nice is saying “hi” to someone asking about their day getting them a coffee then never thinking about them again, being kind is taking the time to invest in that person and trying to be as supportive as possible even when it seems impossible for one reason or another.

While this is not the exact topic of this point, it still relates to the point of niceness vs true faith in the words that Jesus taught us about loving our enemies. We as the church should not be people of occasional niceness, but of outward love to those who wrong us, and even if i don’t agree with everything in this book, this i agree with, true faith is being able to forgive those that wrong us in the worst of ways, because nothing gets the world asking questions about our God like stranding against the norm of anger and hatred, that this broken world is engulfed in. And when we forgive the worst of those who are broken, then the world will see the love of our God, as challenging as that may be.

Now onto a part that i do disagree with. This being found on page 133 under the sub heading risk takers. Now don’t get me wrong, i am NOT one of these people who thinks we should be all about safety when it comes to our faith. Because we are called to step out of our comfort zones as i’ve spoken about many times, and i know if i stayed where i’ve felt safe that i’d not be on the journey that i am now, however, i do disagree with Francis’ take on the prayer of protection.

Don’t get me wrong, i get the point he is trying to make, we can be a people obsessed with being safe, to the point of trying to hinder Gods will. And there we agree, but there’s a difference between asking for Gods will to be done and being masochists about it, asking for the Lord to do his worst. Okay maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but i personally don’t see it as putting our personal safety above Gods will when we pray for protection during mission trips, because if we do get injured to the point where we can’t do God’s work, then how are we supposed to actively do the will of God, i have no doubt that some people do pray that prayer for selfish reasons, but i have faith that a lot of people are praying it for the right reasons.

The last part i want to focus on is found on Page 146 under the subtitle “the dedicated”  and it’s a real challenge for us to live out in our day to day lives. And the example that Francis uses is actually spot on, comparing our physical health to the joy in our lives. How will we stay fit if we don’t exercise (trust me i know a thing or too about being unfit!) the same goes for if we don’t look for the joy of the Lord in our lives.

This idea of joy in our lives being built up to is an interesting way to look at it, and the more i think about it, the more i’m inclined to agree. We can’t expect to be joy filled after one night of searching, the same way we can’t run for a mile on our first run.

I really have skimmed over some really interesting points made in this chapter, which is why i always say it’s important to pick up the books i talk about on here, because otherwise you will miss out on some quality content.

So that’s my thoughts on chapter 8 of Crazy Love, are there any points i missed? or that spoke to you? Please let me know in the comments! But as always…

Keep reading and May God Bless you.



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