The power of the online testimony.

We really are in an amazing time. I mean, think about it. We are in an age where you can talk to someone on the other side of the world, in seconds. Where we can fly to another country in a matter of hours. These are things that would have been considered impossible 100 years ago, but this is the age we live in and for that i am grateful!

But there’s also downsides to this amazing time in history. I’m not going to get into politics, because i know my views are not too popular, at least in the more progressive circles. This is not the problem i’m in fact referring to. See, the problem of this time is the world will decide our intelligence based on our faith. Like somehow we’re less intelligent because we are in a relationship with the living God. This is an attitude i personally find hilarious, considering one of my good friends is in fact going for a doctorate, yet he is one of the people who shaped my faith. His faith in the living God and his trust in the lord is something that really does inspire me,  and i’m proud to call him a friend and a brother in christ, check out a link to his blog in this very topic here: Science and Faith: Logic, Reason, and God – Part 1

I am not a man against science. It has saved lives and will continue to do so as we learn more. But i also don’t think everything we know can be based on it.Remember, it wasn’t  not too long ago that we thought that smoking was not only not dangerous, but was healthy! Basing everything we know just on what we as broken people understand about the world now is a foolish  endeavor. But i digress.

We as a society, use the gifts that the Lord has blessed us with, and the progression we’ve made as a society, to denounce his existence. But this is exactly why, as people of the living God, we need to use this amazing gift of communication to spread our stories of how God has been active in our lives.

We’re in an age where we’re called foolish for trusting in the unchanging word of God, for following the teachings of the one that saved us from our sin, and allowed us to be in relationship with the father once more, and for answering the prompting of the holy spirit, our testimonies are more important than ever before.

Our God is an awesome God, he has blessed us with the ability to share his love with billions of other people in this world, and it’s these stories of how he has loved us when we’ve felt unlovable, of how he has been there for us in the loneliest moments of this life, and will be our light in the darkness, that can really move the hearts of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Online evangelism is our next step in the evolution of the word of God. We as his people really do need to make a stand in our online communities, and use this blessing to bless others.

What are some of your testimonies? Do you have some memories of how the living God has moved in your life? Please share some in the comments, or contact me on twitter here and feel free to join our facebook group and share your testimonies here or follow me on instagram for all sorts of updates here but i want to finish this week with a prayer.

Lord, thank you for this gift to share the tales of your grace in our lives, not just with those in our towns or cities, but with people all over the world. Allow us to live for your word, and be for you at all times. Help us keep strong in our faith and stand for you lord. Thank you for your unending love, and unfailing grace, you our perfect and allow us to know you’re there for us when all else seems lost. Thank you for everything lord. In your amazing name i pray. Amen.

Thank you for reading, and May God Bless you.

One thought on “The power of the online testimony.

  1. I really liked your post. I totally agree in the power of the testimony. I wanted to share an example. Remember the record in the gospels when Jesus took all the demons out of that guy who called himself Legion, and he cast them into the pigs? Do you remember what Jesus’ words were to the man when he asked Jesus if he could come with Him? He told him to go in His land and tell others of what was done. He didn’t tell Him to go read the Bible and study up. I’m not saying you don’t need God’s word and to study, but I am saying you don’t need all the knowledge to be able to witness. All that guy had was a story, and Jesus told him to witness. We all have something to share as Christians. God works in all our lives in different ways.


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