Turning 20: age and calling

So in a few days, i’ll be 20. That to me is madness, the last couple of years have gone by so fast. It was two years ago i left education in a course i hated to take up an offer of an internship of my local church. Looking back i never thought i’d be doing anything like this, I had no idea what God wanted me to do in life, or in general for that matter, and looking forward i still don’t have much of a plan. But I know the good Lord does.

Thinking about my birthday has got me thinking a lot about age and how it relates to the calling that God has on our lives. Does age matter when God puts a calling on our lives? Is there a certain age for some of us where God begins the process of us growing into his will? My answer? Yes and no. Allow me to explain.

A number of years ago i was at a Christian event. Me and a fellow intern had been invited as a part of our course, it was a great weekend away (might have helped it was hosted in a center parcs resort, but the prayer stuff was good too!) but it was the last night that has made the biggest impact on my faith up to this point.

After a night of worship and a great sermon, there was a time of prayer. In this time i asked the Lord (after thinking about it for a while before this) that if he wants me to go into leadership in the church at some point that he would give me a sign and moments after this prayer, the gentleman leading the service said “if there’s anyone that feels a calling into church leadership be that now or later on please come to the front” and with those words i knew this was what God wanted me to do with my life.

The reason i’ve decided to share that event is a simple one, i know i’m not ready to lead a church right now. I struggle with taking charge right now, i don’t like to take charge unless i have to, and quite frankly i’m not ready for that kind of responsibility.God hasn’t called me to be a 20-year-old that runs a church, but he has called me to be a 20 year old that is willing to learn and ready for whatever he has in store next.

That’s not to say there have never been young people called to lead churches. Charles Spurgeon was 19 when he lead his first church (more on that here The Prince of Preachers part 1: A message for the youth. ) and i’m sure there are many people who are my age and God is using in amazing ways. But in my cast at least, i know his calling is coming at a later date in my life.

To me at least, i feel like age can be a factor, but it’s very much a case of God’s time not ours, if God anoints someone in their mid 20’s to run a church then may his will be done. But at the same time we need to be a people who are patient and are able to wait on the words and signs that our God gives in order to fulfill the will he has for us to it’s fullest. God uses the young, the old, the sick, and the strong for his will, Our God uses all people no matter their age for his will. But it’s not always going to come when we’re expecting it.

I’m not saying this as someone who has always been patient, because when i got this word i was far from it, i wanted to lead a church soon as i found out that might be God’s will for my life, only after slowing down and thinking and praying about it allowed me the strength to be able to be still and wait for God’s will. Age may not be a defining factor in our calling with God, but time definitely is, and only in God’s time will things happen.

So if you’re waiting on a word, a conformation of something or even a sign, be patient and be faithful, and in time The Lord will show his purpose for your life.

Lord, Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your plans. That you invite all to be in relationship with you and that you are our everlasting father, and your love is unbeatable. Give us the patience to wait on the words that you give us, and that you would bless us in the times where we must be still as well as the times we move forward with you. In your mighty name this we pray. Amen.

Thank you for reading and May God Bless you.

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