Why i wear a cross.

So this has become a mini series of its own, which was never the intention, but God has been putting these things on my heart, and as such I’ve been putting them here. Today’s topic at a glance sounds like a pretty simple one true, but I feel there’s a lot more to it than just a fashion statement or a signal of faith.

So after looking into a number of different sites my good friend managed to find a site that can sum up the history of the early church, when they used the cross and what they used before it ( Link to the article: Christian history- When did the cross supplant the ichthus (fish) as a symbol of the Christian faith? ) it’s rather interesting to see what we used before the cross and understand why we began to use the cross as a symbol of our faith. A point that’s brought up for the early church not using the cross is because “The early Christians emphasized the resurrection as well as the crucifixion” and this is a statement I find quite challenging.

It makes me question “Do we put too much emphasis on the death of Christ rather than the fact that he rose again?” the article goes on to say “The Romans crucified many people, but only one was resurrected” and this is such a true statement, yet I find it’s quite rare to see other Christian symbols other than the cross. Sure I might see a fish bumper sticker on the back of a car, but that’s about it. But this is not a critique of that fact, more an observation.

To me at least it’s important to mourn the fact that Jesus had to go to the cross in order for us to be cleansed of our sins but at the same time praise in his resurrection, both are important, both are needed to in order to have a true understanding in the gift that Jesus gave to us in his blood. But where does wearing the cross come into this?

In my personal opinion, I find a lot more comfort in wearing the cross than i would in wearing any other symbol of Jesus. Because, it reminds me how our god can take a fate as gruesome and as painful as being crucified and turn it into something beautiful. I also use it as a reminder of the words Jesus himself said in the gospel of Mark (8:34)   “Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.” And in wearing his cross, it reminds me to carry my own.

I wear the cross on a necklace because I want the words i use, the laughter i have, the songs i sing to be his. And in my imperfect human ways, that isn’t always the case, i hurt people with my words sometimes, and i regret that, but in wearing my savior’s symbol of when he died for our sins, and beat death when he rose again, it reminds me I’m also not condemned because of my mistakes.

It’s important to understand that Jesus is not defined by the cross, but that doesn’t mean we should forget what he did for us on it. And I remember by wearing it. But i think it’s interesting to hear other perspectives on this. But as has been the trend with these I’ll end with a prayer.

Lord, i thank you for the cross, and what your son did for us upon it. Thank you for the gift of his blood, and for him raising again. Thank you that we as your people have so many ways to acknowledge you and that you allow us to do so. Protect us and allow your will to be done in our lives,  in your mighty name, Amen.life-after-darkness-cross

Shout out to my good friend Ian and for his finding of that article check out his blog at Ardentword

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