Christmas:His life as well as birth.

This is more than likely to be the last post I write before Christmas, at the time of writing it’ll be 6 days till one of the important days in the Christian faith, the day where we celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. As I said last week, (The present of his presence.) I love Christmas, like a lot, for a number of different reasons. So it only stands to reason that I would go to pretty much every church service I can at the wonderful churches that I attend. And the service I attended last night really changed my perspective on the story of Jesus’ birth.

At our church, we have a wonderful yearly tradition of “Curry and carols” when a number of wonderful people will cook some curries and we come together as a church in fellowship to eat, sing some carols and learn more about the birth of our way to salvation. And last night was no different, it was an amazing night of fellowship. And I was glad to be a part of it. One segment was done by our churches youth group, and that’s what i want to write about today. Because it was a huge challenge to us as the body of Christ.

It was an acted segment between two members of the youth group, and really did an amazing job of raising the question “why do we as followers of Christ forget the purpose of Christs birth at this time of year?”  It’s something that’s really challenged me, because until they did that amazing piece it’s something that had I’d done every year, and I didn’t even realize!

It’s so easy when this time of year rolls around to forget why Jesus came to earth because we see him as “baby Jesus” the sweet little child that was born in a stable ( even though the Greek word used to describe his birth place in scripture was “kataluma” which translates to guest chamber but that’s not the point) and think he is somehow different to the lamb, the one that taught us to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Luke 10:27) That the baby placed in the manger is not the same as the one that went to the cross for our sins and was pieced for our transgressions.

We can just disconnect the two because we don’t want to think about the hardships that he would go through when he was nailed to the cross at Calvary, because “Christmas is a time of togetherness and love” while forgetting that in the pain that he went through, he showed the ultimate act of love by cleansing us of our sins, while bringing us back to the loving arms of our God. I can understand why, from a human perspective, we’d want to disconnect the two eras of Jesus’ time among us, because it’s safer if they’re separate, when we take those two events apart (his birth and his death) we can celebrate his birth without thinking about the sacrifice he made for us, or we can think about his death and be thankful about what he did for us, while forgetting his beginnings.

We as the body of Christ should recognize why the son of the almighty was born among us, and be thankful for the love he showed us with this amazing act of selflessness so that we may be in a loving relationship with the father once more. And remember, that even if by our human standards, what happened to Jesus was horrible, we should celebrate the life and honor the death of the one that paid it all for our salvation.

A bit of a heaver post than I’d normally go for, but I honestly feel like all of us (including me) need reminding that Jesus wasn’t just born with us and that was the end of his story, but he also died for us, and in that fact we are free.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, thank you for reading and may God bless you.

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