The present of his presence.

At the time of writing, it’ll be just under two weeks to Christmas. I love Christmas, its honestly one of my favorite times of the year, Of course I love it for being the time where we celebrate the birth of our savor Jesus Christ, however i tend to find smaller things that i also love along with this amazing event. I love the atmosphere, I love the lights, I love the gingerbread lattes that only really get sold at this time of year! But one of the biggest reasons I love this time of year is a simple one. It’s a time of year where not only is everyone seems to be a lot more open to the love of God.

I’m not too sure if I’ve brought this up before now, but I’m a part of a wonderful outreach group on the streets of my hometown. We meet up every month to go out on the streets and sing worship songs with one of our churches bands, and try to bless those around us. Some stop to talk to us, some ask questions, and some just keep on walking. I am truly blessed to be a part of this community of people who want to spread the good news. The reason I bring this up is because to me, this is an amazing opportunity to remind those that don’t know him yet, that there is a God of love waiting for them, waiting to embrace them into a loving relationship with the creator of all.

One of the other reasons I love being a part of this group is, to me at least, also helps remind those that don’t know the love of God that they are not alone at this time of year or ever. I tend to find that this wonderful time of year, that is about Love (the love of family and the love that our God has for us by sending down his son to live among as and to show us the way to salvation) Redemption (in the birth of the savior that’d give his life that we may be free of sin) and togetherness (in the sacrifice that Jesus made for us so that we may once again be in good standing with the Lord) that it can also be the loneliest time of the year for many.

When this time is presented to be about family and togetherness, what can we do for those that have no one? When this month is about love and giving, how can we reach those that feel so unloved and feel like they have nothing of value to give? The answer may sound simple but it can be life changing, we be the family they need and we show the love they crave. I truly believe we are called to be a lifeline to the people of this world, just like Jesus was ours to salvation, not just in this month of kindness but for the rest of the year as well.

The best present we can bring to the lonely in this time of giving is the presence of the Lord our God. In this time where the streets are lit up with numerous lights, we can show the world the light that doesn’t get put away after a month, but endures forever.  We are the body of Christ, whose birth we celebrate in this wonderful month of December, so let’s honor the farther that’s love is never-ending, live in the freedom that the son made for us, with the power of the holy spirit, amen.

Thank you for reading, and May God bless you.

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