The Prince of Preachers part 1: A message for the youth.


Today’s post is based of a man that’s really spoken to me on a spiritual level. This is a man that I’ve only just become familiar with, yet, his story is an inspiration to me and my faith, his sermons, though preached over 100 years ago are truly the words of the Lord,  and as soon as I found out this truly blessed man, that was given the nickname the Prince of preachers, suffered with bouts of severe depression, I knew this is someone I have to write about. I’m of course talking about Charles Spurgeon.

There are many reasons this man is an inspiration to someone like me, The fact that he was 19 when he began leading at his first church, that he stood up for what he felt was the right thing even when those around him told him he was wrong for doing so, and the fact like I said, he suffered with depression. His sermons drew crowds of thousands of people, on October 7th 1857  he preached to a crowd of over 23,000 people,  for context, he was 22 at this time, that to me is mind-blowing! but the thing about that is, it shouldn’t be, allow me to explain.

I love working with youth, I mean, I’m only 19 so I’m not that old my self, but the reason I love working with youth is, i feel that it’s so important to build up the next generation of Church goers, if we don’t then when the current leaders are gone, who’ll be left to preach the Good news of Jesus Christ? I don’t think there’s a set amount of time that it takes for someone to be talented at sharing the word, or leading a worship band, or giving prayer. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t always take the time to learn more, far from it, we should always try to learn more about our wonderful God, but personally, I don’t agree with the attitude that just because someone isn’t in their 30’s that they have no right to preach the word, and that’s the end of it till we hit some sort of age barrier then and only then are people allowed to share the word in the churches. Mr Spurgeon is an example of what a young person that is given the chance to live out God’s vision can lead to.

We are a people of love that should be building our next generation of Church up into their calling, not shutting them down at the first sign of them going wrong, or because of their age, I’m not going to claim to have all the answers for how to build up the next generation of Christians, but something I do know is, if we’re going to get another generation of amazing young preachers, prophets, worship leaders, prayer warriors, we need to show them that we will help them find that calling what ever it may be. It will take time, as all great things do, but if we truly want to bring the Kingdom of our almighty Lord to earth, then we need we help the next generation find their place in the body of Christ.

I’m going to end with a Quote from the man himself:

“If you ever feel it incumbent upon you not to prejudice a piece of ground by sowing good seed in it, you may rest assured that the weeds will not imitate your impartiality, but they will take possession of the land in a very sad and shocking manner. Where the plough does not go, and the seed is not sown, the weeds are quite sure to multiply; and if children are left untutored and untrained, all sorts of evils will spring up in their hearts and lives.”

I’m hoping part two of this post should be out by Wednesday and that’ll will be on even though Charles Spurgeon suffered with depression, he still was given the nickname of “the prince of preachers” and why this should be an encouragement to those with depression that feel called into leadership.

Until then

Thank you for reading, and May God bless you.

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