Everyday worship: “what if i do?” by the foo fighters.

Well this is an idea I’ve been sitting on for a while! I mentioned this a few weeks ago in( Days will come and go no matter what i say(your will be done) ) and i recommend you give that post a read before you go any further with this one as it will give you an idea of what I’m aiming for with this post!

Welcome to this new series of blogs I’m going to call for the time being (Till I can think of a better name or someone suggests one!)  “Everyday worship” The idea of this series is to go into detail with non christian songs in order to find ways to apply them to a Christian lifestyle while sharing some of my favorite songs in the process! I’m going to be starting with a relatively easy song for the first post, and that song is “What if i do? By the foo fighters.

Not only are Foo fighters one of my favorite bands, but their songs are, for the most part at least, up for interpretation, very few of their songs have a set meaning, which in terms gives me a space to write posts like this!

Now this song could be considered an easy place to start, considering the chorus is

What if I do, Lord?
What if I don’t?
I’d have to lose everything just to find you.

But that’s exactly why I chose this song, it may be on the an easy choice for this topic but that doesn’t make it any less important! I’ll only be looking at the first verse and chorus in this post, but I’ll leave a link to the song at the end and let me know what you think!

We’ll start with the lyrics to the first verse :

Back and forth that voice of yours keeps me up at night
Help me search to find the words that eat you up inside
I go side to side like the wildest tides in your hurricane
And I only hide what is on my mind because I can’t explain

If you want to take a biblical perspective, I’d almost compare this to the book of psalms, where David is in a state of depression (Once again, a post for another day) yet God is still with him. This feeling can be summed up pretty well in the first couple of lines. You could equate the voice keeping our protagonist up at night to the word of God, wither that’s in prompting him to do his will or  if it’s God answering his prayer. “I go side to side like the wildest tides in your hurricane, and I only hide what is on my mind because I can’t explain.”  I think a lot of us can feel like this when it comes to our prayer life and sometimes even our social life. How many times has there been something on your mind that you want to tell someone but you don’t have the words, so we keep it to ourselves? We can be at danger of doing this in our prayer lives as well. God may be all-knowing but if we’re not willing to let go of certain issues, then how are we meant to over come them with the help of God?  I find this line as a good reminder that we will be shaken in our lives and sometimes in our faith, but if we’re not willing to hand it over to God then we won’t be able to allow him to heal us!

Moving on to the chorus

What if I do, Lord?
What if I don’t?
I’d have to lose everything just to find you. (x2)

What i love about this Chorus is, it really gets the struggles of following Jesus despite not really being a “Christian” song. The thing about following Jesus is, we have to be willing to drop everything, to lose all our worldly possessions if that’s what he asks, to take up our crosses like he took up his. Not to say that this is an easy task, because it’s not at all. But that doesn’t make it any less important, this was the part that made me want to start with this song, because it’s a chorus with calls wrapped in to us as followers of Christ. That we need to be willing to follow him no matter the consequence!

I’m thinking about doing these along with the more focused posts, so if you have a song that you think would be a good subject for this series be sure to let me know in the comments!

Link to the song in question here: Foo fighters- What if i do

Thank you for reading and may God bless you.

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