War of love (poem)

This is a piece i wrote nearly a year ago, based on Ephesians 6 10-20, otherwise known as the armor of God, and this is the piece that inspired this weeks post, which you can find here (Fighting depression in the army of Christ ) , it’s not a long piece but i hope you enjoy, and thank you for reading, may God bless you.

We are at war; we march to the beat of freedom. Armed with the sword of the spirit, ready to strike down the lies of our enemy. We use the shield of faith to render the enemy powerless at any distance. Extinguishing his words before they can borrow into us. Our sandals of peace hold us steady in the storms of life, with the belt of truth along with the helmet of salvation reminding us that our God saves. Our army will always stand, if one falls they are helped back up, no one is left behind and no one is forgotten. We are an army of millions, none are perfect but all are saved. This war we fight isn’t one of hate and sorrow, our war is a war of love and joy, under the banner of one cross. For we are the army of Christ, of unshakable faith and unfailing grace, and in the name of the son of man, we are one body in the armor his father gives us, we shall fight the lies of the enemy, and uphold the name of Jesus Christ, our lord.


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