Why “A prayer” By kings kaleidoscope is a turning point for worship

I’m someone that loves to worship God through song. It’s something i don’t really talk about much on this blog. but i’m a member of my churches worship band as a singer. And it’s one of my favorite ways to honor God. I’m passionate about worship music, in fact i have a playlist of of one of my favorite worship bands for any writing that i do, and that band is Kings kaleidoscope.

To me, Kings kaleidoscope is a real shining light in music as a whole, their music is a breath of fresh air, i love the covers of older songs, the way their take on these songs (be thou my vision  for example) brings new life to a more traditional hymn,  i love their original content,  my Felix Culpa being my favorite.  They always manage to put a huge amount of heart into every song, new or older. But, i honestly feel that “A prayer” may be my  favorite of theirs to date.

If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know my main theme is getting through the darkness to get to the light,and how Jesus is there in the pain, and how he will always be there in the struggles of life. I honestly believe that we will all go through hard times and Jesus will be with us as we get through those hard times. And this is where “a prayer” comes in.

The first two minutes play out like a modern day psalm, with Chad Gardner calling out to God, asking the lord that if he be there for him after his last breath, even if he fails, or will God turn his back on him. Now there’s two versions of this half, one explicit and one that’s been edited. Both can be found in the links provided at the end, however,  I’d honestly recommend the explicit version, as to me it seems a lot more raw.The last two lines of this half (Jesus where are you? Am i still beside you?)   really hit me hard. When i’m having a battle with depression, these are some of the questions that repeat in my head “Are you still with me Jesus? Have you given up with on me? Am i still worth saving even though I’ve failed you so many times?” But it’s the second half that really puts these thoughts to rest.

The second half is from the perspective of Jesus, reminding us of his promises and his sacrifice, and the love he has for us. The lyrics (I’m right beside you I feel what you feel And I’m here to hold you When death is too real) Are a true inspiration of Jesus always being with us no matter how alone we may feel, because no matter what we think, he will never leave us, we will suffer in this broken world, but his love is forever, and died for us because he loves us all, no matter our sins in the past, there were cleansed by his blood.

This song is a real turning point in worship music to me. The honesty of this amazing song is something i really feel that every follower of Christ needs to hear. A lot of worship seems to be all about the good, while forgetting that, we are bound to struggle in our imperfect, human lives. And there are going to be times where we feel like God will forget about us, or suddenly decide that we are no longer worth his time. Now this isn’t a shot at any other worship, and i hope this is taken as such, but it’s extremely rare that we hear something so honest get put out there, and we really need more songs like this. Songs that remind us even in the hardest times, Jesus will never leave us, because he loves us.So please, if you have the time, give this song a listen and share the word of God’s unfailing love.

Links to both versions of “a prayer” are listed below. May god bless you this week

A prayer by kings kaleidoscope clean 

A prayer by kings kaleidoscope explicit

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9 thoughts on “Why “A prayer” By kings kaleidoscope is a turning point for worship

    1. Aha! well to me it just has a lot more impact, and it’s really rare to hear that in worship music, seems to have caused a lot of controversy with some of their fans!

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      1. Yeah, i can understand why, considering their other songs are really quite upbeat, and this is a real departure from their other stuff!

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  1. I love this song! It’s so relevant in times as such as these where people are becoming lost. They’re being led astray and are losing sight of Jesus.


    1. I agree completely! I also love how it can remind us that we will struggle with our faith when things get hard, but Jesus will never leave us


  2. I came across this song yesterday randomly (I’m late to the party) and was hooked. Honestly, I appreciate the use of profanity in this case. It’s not pretending to be anything other than it is…raw, in pain, in question, and process. I can’t stand the generic “Christian” music that’s unapproachable and honestly a bit sickly sweet for my taste. This is probably one of the most honest faith-based songs I’ve heard. Thanks for your take on it! Very well put.


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