5 thoughts on “Stronger than the sorrow

  1. Hi Luke, I was wondering if you could be more specific on how to give your burdens to God. And, how is depression different from the internal spiritual battle many of us Christians face on a daily basis?


    1. Well, Different people hand over their burdens in different ways, for me it’s through writing, the time i spend doing these blogs is my letting go of what’s been troubling me, and acknowledging that God has put me through those struggles for a reason. In terms of depression, it’s kind of difficult to explain, the way i explain it normally is “I can have good days, but the hard times hit harder” For example, say someone says something to you that, may be a bit rude but otherwise is a harmless comment, i have trouble shaking things like that off, so that’d be in my mind all day and bring me down. I personally feel the difference is and this is purely from my perspective, a internal spiritual battle is the enemy making you doubt your faith, where depression is the enemy making you doubt your happiness, and trying to put a restraint on the joy of the lord. There’s more to it than that but that’s just my take on it, i hope this helped somewhat!

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    1. Thank you for the kind words, that’s something i feel that important about faith, it has to be there during the bad times as well as the good.


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