3 thoughts on “Your time, not mine.

  1. “See, the moment that changed my mindset on this, wasn’t some huge trial by fire, nor some amazing vision or some other grand spectacle. It was just the realization that, if i was healed as soon as i wanted to be, almost all the amazing moments I’ve been a part of i would have missed.”

    I love how you point that out because so many people believe every revelation is through some sort of miraculous, death defying, awe inspiring experience. Those things like that occur but that is in certain circumstances. Most revelations are a simple moment where something just becomes apparent to you. I’m sorry hear you struggle with depression I know it isn’t easy to deal with but I really admire your faith and willingness to face it with God and I definitely believe he is using it to reach others who don’t know how to maintain their faith while in that state of mind or even curse God for “cursing them with the illness.”


    1. Thank you, that is one of the most amazing things about God to me, he doesn’t need to wow your eyes, he just needs to whisper to your heart for your life to change. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and god bless you!

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  2. Thank you for the encouraging reminder about God’s timing. So easy to get downhearted in the waiting, but you have shown that the waiting time is very important.


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